Jul 26, 2007

That there were 29,000 sexual predators registered on myspace.com. Now if that is how many they caught and removed. How many do you think are still on there?? Sisters please watch what your children are doing on the internet. The internet is a good tool. However, it can be a dangerous vehicle which lets unknown suspects into your home everyday, who will try to engage your child into becoming a victim or even you….


  1. dear educator,
    where did you get your information from. im concerned because i have a myspace page

  2. Hi Anonymous

    The information was taken from the New York Times and CNN News. Which was reported to them by the people who owns myspace.com. I would ask that you continue to think safety when using this site and don't give personal information to people you don't know. And please continue to watch your children while they surf the net and try to keep them safe as well.