Jul 30, 2007

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly."
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I know a lot of people may wonder why I felt that need to start a blog. I myself don't know the answer, but I know stories like this is one and that of Genarlow Wilson are one of many the reasons why I felt I needed a forum to express myself. If you are nor familiar with the story of the Jena Six I beseech you to become enlighten about their plight, and once you have been enlightened I asked that you please sign this petition and spread the word about our young brothers.

For those not familiar with this story here is a brief synopsis:

"Jena is a small town nestled deep in the heart of Central Louisiana. Until recently, you may well have never heard of it. But this rural town of less than 4,000 people has become a focal point in the debate around issues of race and justice in this country.

Last December, six black students at Jena High School were arrested after a school fight in which a white student was beaten and suffered a concussion and multiple bruises. The six black students were charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy. They face up to 100 years in prison without parole. The Jena Six, as they have come to be known, range in age from 15 to 17 years old.

Just over a week ago, an all-white jury took less than two days to convict 17 year-old Mychal Bell, the first of the Jena Six to go on trial. He was convicted of aggravated battery and conspiracy charges and now faces up to 22 years in prison.
Black residents say that race has always been an issue in Jena, which is 85 percent white, and that the charges against the Jena Six are no exception.
The origins of the story can be traced back to early September when a black high school student requested permission to sit under a tree in the schoolyard where usually only white students sat. The next day three nooses were found hanging from the tree."
-Article Courtesy of Democracy Now

Please Check Out Video Below:

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  1. This case first aired on Lou Dobbs about two months ago. However, since it was young black brothers no one was outraged. I can tell you that Warren Balentine and Al Sharpton are all over this. They have been talking about it on their radio shows respectively, again Syndication One a part of Radio One. Sisters and Brothers we need to tune in, because that's where we hear issues that concern us and affect us. They are going to be protesting in Jena soon. I know some of you always want to criticize Al Sharpton, but it seems like Al is always coming to the rescue, while the rest of us sit around and do nothing, or we get mad for a minute and then go back to business as usual. I for one I'm tired of black people not standing up for each other. If there is no other time to take a stand, if only by signing the petition, you will show America that you care about yourselves, because this could be one of your sons, nephews, cousin, husband, boyfriend, daughter, niece, wife or girlfriend, hell; it can even be you.. Time to stand up Black People!!

  2. I cannot express my outrage enough about this situation. First we have the little 14 year old girl in Texas who was sentenced to prison for pushing a hall monitor, then we get Genarlow Wilson, and now we have the Jena Six. This is a Modern Day Lynching if I ever seen one before. The notion is disgusting. I agree with the first poster about how this could easily be any of us. It is still a dangerous thing to be black in this country.

  3. I too am outraged and appalled. Situations like this should truly be eye opening to us as a people of how far we have come or rather how little we have come. And how much the struggle continues. It is sad to think that in 2007 racially motivated injustices like this are still not only going on but allowed in this country. I will agree with the first comment that we need to support media that tries to inform and enlighten us. I will have to admit that I am one of the ones who are guilty of sitting around clueless. Well, this has motivated me to take a more active role in staying aware of what is going on to us in this country. I am even more appalled that while grave injustices like this are happening, all we have heard about is Michael Vick and them damn dogs.

  4. Didn't they beat this girl....isn't that the main thing....not who was what color...why are violent pieces of trash always defended in this society just because they had a hard life or are a minority?