Jul 18, 2007

The search to find the assailants that committed the crime against a 35 year old Haitian mother and her 12 year old son continues. (For those not familiar with this story please click on the link below)

"Assistance has poured in, but tips leading to additional arrests in a vicious attack on a West Palm Beach, Florida woman and her son last month have trickled in.
The 35-year-old woman and her 12-year-old son were subjected to terror and torture, as the mother was raped and sodomized by as many as 10 masked teenagers while her son was beaten in another room in their apartment in Dunbar Village, a public housing development. The woman was then forced, at gunpoint, to perform oral sex on her son. The pair was then doused with household cleaners, in an apparent attempt to destroy DNA evidence.
The assailants fled with a couple of hundred dollars in cash, jewelry and cell phones.
Three teenagers, 14,15 and 16, have been arrested and charged in the case so far."

I would go into more detail about what happen to this lady and her son, but the thought of the entire ordeal makes my head hurt and I just feel like screaming. So instead I chose to post a link so that you can read it for yourself and see just how disturbing this entire situation is. This notion of 'Stop Snitching' is getting completely out of control. We must take into consideration that fact that this woman could have been one of us or one of our family members. If it was someone who was close and dear to you wouldn't you want to find the assailants in the hopes that this will not happen to anyone else. Please tell me how you feel about this story and the "Stop Snitching" campaign we have going on in our community.


  1. I find that story to be extremely disturbing. I can only pray for sanity for that woman and her child. What is this world really coming to? We as a people sometimes get so caught up in 'what will society think of me if...', that we lose focus on what we truely know is right or what we want for ourselves. Teenagers??? Poor souls probably have been lost a long time.

  2. The entire thing is disgusting and sad as far as I am concerned. Not only did we fail this mother and child, but we also fail the young boys that committed this heinous crime. I won't even began to ask where are their parents are because I already know the answer.