Jul 17, 2007

"...Imagine me...loving what I see when the mirror looks at me..."

These are lyrics from a Kirk Franklin song that I've been playing a lot lately. I think these lyrics speak to what I am trying to accomplish with this blog. I want Black women and all women of color to see themselves as God see them. I want us to celebrate our beauty and accomplishments, and not be ashame of who we are. I want us to relish in the fact that we are the descendants of kings and queens. I want us to be able to look at our kinky hair, full lips, big butt, wide nose, and whatever afrocentric feature we may possess as a thing of beauty and what makes us unique and special. I pray you all will enjoy this site as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

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  1. Being a women of color is hard in any country, not just in the U.S. We are considered second class citizens in every nation. With what you have come up with and the contributers you have chosen, we will empower women of all countries. I would like to pledge now that we will change the world one women at a time. Like my favorite person said "When you learn,teach one."(Maya Angelou)