Sep 25, 2007

Here is the audio from the Bill O'Reilly Show that is circulating the web that has a lot of people upset.

I am not surprised by his blatant ignorance. I don't even know where to begin with this foolishness. I didn't realize that we as black people were just beginning to think on our own. How did we ever survive without people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson telling us what we are supposed to think? And who would have ever thought that Black people could actually run a normal restaurant...SMH? The fact that he doesn't think his comments are insulting is what is really bugging me out, but then again this is Bill O'Reilly we are talking about so I shouldn't be surprised. Oh and the dude that he is talking to sounds like Bill Bennett. Update: Turns out the person Bill is talking to is "Happy Negro" Juan Williams

See this is what upsets me about the hijacking of Hip-Hop. See why everybody is mad at the artist (and don't get me wrong the anger is justifiable) we also need to aim our anger at these white owned corporations that's keeping us on the plantation. These artists are so blinded by the silver and gold that they don't even see how they are being exploited to make a mockery of their race and their culture. The artists are the puppets, but the white executives behind the scenes are the puppet masters. Having diversity in Hip-Hop doesn't benefit the corporation in any shape, form, or fashion. They would rather continue with these formulaic artists that make them money while leaving the consumers ignorant and blinded to what is really going on. In the infamous words of Laurence Fisburne's character, Dap, in School Daze "WAKE UP!!!" The stuff that is going on in our culture isn't a game and we need to wake up to what's really going on.

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  1. This is appalling! I can't believe he continues to speak such foolishness and doesn't realize how ignorant and offensive he is. He's the worse kind of racist in the aspect that he acts/thinks he understands or is open, when in fact he subliminally and sometimes straight up perpetuates the bigotry that still plagues this nation. I'm sorry I just can not stand O'Reilly. And what's worse, I feel sorry for the brother and others who go on his show and don't even realize how he exploits them to try to substantiate his ignorance. Wake up!!!!