Sep 17, 2007

Apparently O.J. has been arrested for allegedly "trying to get back his stuff" as he so eloquently put it. Simpson is accused of having directed several other men in an alleged armed robbery of sports memorabilia in a room at a Las Vegas hotel room. He is currently being held without bail for his part in the robbery.

Las Vegas authorities said they have no information leading them to believe Simpson was carrying a firearm during the alleged incident at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino. (Read the rest of the story)

Can someone please tell me what in the world is OJ thinking? First of all don't he know Johnnie Cochran is dead. There ain't another lawyer on earth like Johnnie Cochran so who is going to save his behind now. White folks have been gunning for him every since he got off, but yet he wants to keep rubbing it in their face instead of sitting his behind down some where and enjoying life like any sensible person would do. Now if there was a such thing as going to jail for stupidity then they need to throw the book at the "Juice". There just any excuse for being this dumb. Even if he was setup, he should know better. They are gunning for you and all you did was give them some ammunition...SMH.

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  1. Is it possible for anyone to be as dumb as OJ? I wish he would just sit his dumb ass down somewhere.