Sep 14, 2007

TheIcon: How long have you been working on this book?
Reuben: A little over a year.

TheIcon: What ignited your need to write this book?
Reuben: I felt it was an obligation for me. I talk about real life issues, and one of the issues was that people were abused by pastors and these pastors were having sex with their kids…their daughters. Like Ted Haggard he was a homosexual and no one did anything about it. They just float it out and let it go, but it’s time that we expose these false prophets. So I felt that I was obligated to do this.

TheIcon: What was your true purpose in writing this book, from a spiritual stand point?
Reuben: The true purpose of writing this book is to let people know that false prophets are out there. People are out there deceiving people. They need to realize what’s going on, and just don’t serve man put the focus on God. With my survey and my research, I found out that people are really developing man. They have security guards. That’s serving man. They go to these pastors’ home, clean their houses, and keep their kids…um keep the dog. They do all this stuff and they’re serving man, but who is protecting God? No one is protecting Him. Who’s serving God? No one. They’re all serving man.

TheIcon: Is this book just to expose these 4 pastors, or is this a way of exposing all pastors of mega-churches as ‘Snakes’?
Reuben: It is the beginning to exposing all ministers that are not living and providing the mandate and not doing God’s work. It’s not just those pastors, but those pastors are targeted because those ministers that are coming into the ministry, the younger people, are focusing and developing their life by these four ministers. They see these mega-pastors; they’re successful so they are following in their footsteps. So if you attack the head [the 4 pastors] therefore the body is going to go ahead and come along with it. I mean if the head continues misleading people, the small people are continue on doing the same thing and everybody goes straight to the pits of hell.

TheIcon: Did you at any point go to any of these pastors aside from writing this book, just out of love and offer your thoughts on what is taking place within their ministries, in order to prevent division within the church as oppose to unity?
Reuben: Yes, I did. I had a chance to call every last one of them, send them emails, and also sent them certified letters and did not get any response as usual. I was trying, as God says to do, ‘go to your brethren in private and talk to them’…neither one of those worked so therefore I had to call them out publicly to talk them because they don’t want to talk to me. They are too perfect I feel.

TheIcon: So you’re saying that by them not responding to you that they were holding themselves above you?
Reuben: That’s correct.

TheIcon: Is it fair to say you have no experience with any of these pastors and have not met any of them?
Reuben: Yes, the whole thing is you don’t have to really go by meeting people. These guys are on national broadcast. You can look at their teachings and tell what kind of teaching they have. You don’t have to meet none of them. Think about it, say for example, if I never go to TD Jakes’ church because I can’t get there, but I see him on TV. Well, that is what I am going to go by. I am going to go by the word you teach on TV.

TheIcon: Have you met a pastor of a mega-church that you would not consider a snake?
Reuben: I can’t judge them. Well, I can judge like that, but all I know is I actually did what God told me to do.

TheIcon: Where are you getting your information? Because not only are there snakes in the pulpit, but there are also snakes in the pews. So how do you verify the information that you receive from people about these pastors?
Reuben: I’m not getting any information. Everything I wrote in the book is my experience and what I have proof of. I don’t go by what people tell me. I can’t write my book on that. If I have hardcore proof that’s what I have. Like that video of Creflo Dollar, that’s proof. Anybody can come out the wood works and say ‘Hey, I had sex with Bishop Long’. Okay, that’s your problem. I don’t have proof of that. If you want to come and tell a newspaper that’s on you, but I’m not going to support that because I don’t have proof of that.

TheIcon: So the stuff that’s in Snakes in the Pulpit is your first hand experience?
Reuben: That’s right.

TheIcon: That’s what I want to make sure of.
Reuben: It’s not what someone told me. It’s not what I heard. It’s what I know with my own eyes.

TheIcon: In a perfect world, what reaction/action would you want from the pastors that you are exposing? Would you want them to step down?
Reuben: All I want these pastors to do is to repent, first of all. Then start teaching what to do to get a person closer to Christ. Stop teaching prosperity because so many people are just in there because it is a feel good message. They teach prosperity, everybody goes home, and that’s it. It’s about soul saving at the end of the day.

TheIcon: I understand. I guess it is like my pastor told me “A lot of people want the presents of God, but not the presence of God.” Is that how you feel? Do you think that is the reason these mega-churches have such a large following?
Reuben: That is correct. That is definitely correct.

TheIcon: How do you explain your association with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who often are viewed for having the same agendas and short comings that you call out?
Reuben: I am not on that level with Rev. Jackson and Al Sharpton.

TheIcon: No, I’m talking about your association with these people. Are you friends with these people?
Reuben: No, I am not friends with these people. I have approached and interviewed a lot of people. These are just people I’ve come across as it relates to media relations. I don’t call these people on a daily basis and they don’t call me.

TheIcon: Explain the fact that you define yourself as an ex-minister. I mean exactly what is an ‘ex-minister’?
Reuben: As an ex-minister, again I am speaking from experience because the fact is I know millions of people can go to church and be brainwashed to be in a spell like voodoo. You listen to what these pastors tell you. I received a calling from man because the pastor called me to preach, but God never did call me to preach. God never told me to preach. The pastor told me that I needed to start preaching.

TheIcon: OK?
Reuben: You have to be careful and make sure you are hearing God’s voice because when you get so tied up in man, man just take over your life.

TheIcon: With this book, how do you intend to handle those who criticize you from within the Faith, who may presume you may have the same type of agenda that you are exposing these pastors for?
Reuben: I’m going to handle them with prayer. That is my focus. I am not going to sit there and debate the word of God with anyone. The word of God is not to be debated. This is just and eye opener to people to realize that God is coming back again and we cannot continue to serve man and not serve God.

TheIcon: How do you feel about Psalm 105:15?
Reuben: Touch not mine anointed…do my prophet no harm…But the whole point in touch means to strike to hit…they take it out of context. I’m not striking these people. But what it does not say is that you cannot criticize or ask a question about someone’s doctrine…In fact if you are teaching the true gospel and the true doctrine it shouldn’t be a problem if someone is questioning you anyway. If someone tells you can’t question them about their doctrine that is not the place for you.

TheIcon: Why do you think this burden was placed on you?
Reuben: Let me just say this, I don’t question God’s work. When God tells you to do something you don’t question you just act.

TheIcon: So at the end of the day, what is it that you want people to take away from Snakes in the Pulpit?
Reuben: I want people to realize there’re false prophets out there and beware of them. Stop. If you’re serving man, stop serving man and put your eyes and focus on Jesus and read your Bible. Have a personal relationship with God. Don’t go by what that pastor tells you; go by what God tells you. He’ll lead you.

TheIcon: So you are saying that people need to seek out their own understanding?
Reuben: No, read your Bible and hear God’s word. When you have a personal relationship with God you can hear God’s word. God will talk to you.

TheIcon: So are you happy to have this book done?
Reuben: Yes, I am happy because I believe people are going to get their lives straight. A lot of people are coming out the wood works and are beginning to realize what is going on around them.

TheIcon: How do you feel about being removed from Streaming Faith Live?
Reuben: I am in the process of exploring my legal options.

TheIcon: So what’s next for Reuben Armstrong?
Reuben: I will be making a true movie about how people are hurt. These are going to be real people talking about what these pastors have done to them.

TheIcon: So is this a movie or a documentary?
Reuben: I am going to make a movie and a documentary. I already have my video guy together and I have my team together.

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  1. I have to say, in all my years of attending Bishop Jakes' church, I have NEVER heard him speak of prosering in God through any kind of gil-gotten, unbiblical manner. Bishop Jakes preaches about being healed in every area, in your mind, body, soul, and yes, living a proserous life, financially, Bishop Jakes DOES NOT preach give and God will make you rich, he preaches give and God will provide!!!! Sister, the same thing your pastor says, is the exact phrase that is constantly repeated at The Potter's House, "We should be seeking God's precense and not God's presents." While Mr. Armstrong is writing about the so-called prosperity gospel Bishop Jakes preaches (I'm defending him b/c I belong to his church, I beleive the other men are true as well, but at this time, I must come in defense of my pastor) did he write about the over one million dollars Bishop Jakes raised for hurricane Katrina victims(not to mention the millions raised by The Potter's House, that million came from his own efforts, from other pastor friends) the hundreds that The Potter's House placed into homes after the storm. The over 100k given to the UNICEF after the Tsunami in 2004. What about the wells dug in Africa so that the people living in the most remote parts of the continent would have fresh water to drink. How about the hundreds of homeless that come to our church and receive showers, haircuts, food and fresh clothes on a weekly basis. dont hear that, what about even the many, many outreach programs The Potter's House offers, including programs for people infected and effected by the HIV/ Aids epidemic, the ministry devoted to women who were former prostitiudes and now reformed. The program for current jail inmates, and one for former offenders to become reestablished back into society. What about the hundreds of fresh hospital beds and linens, along with food sent to South American countries? Bishop Jakes is a man of true honor and compassion, I would not have been at The Potter's House for nine years if there were not the case. My allegiance is to God, not man, but when a man or woman whom I have love and respect comes under attack, I feel it is my duty to come to the defence of the person, esspecially when the charges brought against them are without merit, without evidence and have absolutely no subatance what so ever! How can you write a book on a person, acurately i might add, withouth talking to the person? How about talking to someone close to the person, a friend, a relative, somebody?! It's hard to believe you can write an acurate depiction of anyone from watching 20 mins of a person a week. This man has admited that he has never been to any of these pastor's churches. Are you serious?! How can he write the book without going to the main place these pastors teach, to get the real scoop of the "deception" that he claims is comeing from the pastors mouth? Doesn't make sense to me.

  2. Wow! All I can say is Education is sooo important.

  3. Somebody about Mr. Armstrong just doesn't sit right in my spirit. I think it takes a snake to know a snake and to me this man is a snake. He is no different than the people he is calling out. he says that God spoke to him and told him to do this, but what he fail to realize is that the Devil speaks to you also. I just refuse to believe this is the way in which God would have his/her work done. God is more than capable of exposing this preachers as frauds if they are in fact such. I don't agree with a lot that they do, but I believe God has a way of making the first the last and vice versa.

  4. I understand people are going to defend their pastors, but that doesn't mean that Mr. Armstrong doesn't have a right to say what he wants to say. Obviously the book must be touching on a sentiment that is out there because if it wasn't it would not be causing such a controversy.

  5. I have not read that book, but for the first time at this year I gave my life to Christ and it was through TV And internet serviceS. I begun to Question different things I heard and had seen in some of these churches and god dealt with me. The first thing he revealed to me was there will be false teachers. I say this to anyone who don't read the bible, but go to church faithfully to get the word. PRAY FOR WISDOM, KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING AND READ YOUR BIBLE DAILY!! GOD DON'T JUST SPEAK THROUGH PREACHERS, EVERY THING IS IN YOUR BIBLE. I started attending a local church, but I still catch some TV and internet. NEVER PUT YOUR FAITH IN MAN, BECAUSE HE'S HUMAN. PUT YOUR FAITH IN GOD AND TRUST HIM TO FIX WHAT EVER IS WRONG.