Oct 10, 2007

(CNN) -- At least two people were injured Wednesday in a shooting at SuccessTech Academy, a high school in downtown Cleveland, said Andrea Jackson, press secretary for Cleveland's mayor.
Two students were taken to hospitals, she said. One was taken out of the school on a stretcher but was conscious.

Police are looking for a 14-year-old male in connection with the shooting, according to reports.
Cleveland fire, police and EMS are at the scene, as is Mayor Frank Jackson.
CNN affiliate WKYC reported five people were wounded.

  • One student shot in the arm
  • One teacher shot in the lower chest
  • 14 year old shooter under arrest
  • Principal called out a Code Blue (specific code to alert that shots have been fired in Cleveland area schools) over the PA system to warn the school
  • School started through a Gates' Foundation Grant
  • Gunman entered school with guns in both hands and walked down the hall firing them


  • 14 year old shooter is being reported as dead
  • Success Tech High School is the name of the school
  • Now reporting five victims. 2 teachers and 2 students (may or may not include gunman who is being reported as deceased)
  • School has been secured
  • Gunman is believed to be a student who had been suspended from school
  • Victims have been taken to Metro Health Hospital
  • Gunman identified as 14 year old Asa Coon


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