Oct 21, 2007

It is true what they say the good do die young. Ms. Lala Brown was on the brink of greatness before her life was snuffed out. If you are not familiar with her name I'm pretty sure you know her voice. She was the female lead singing with Lyfe Jennings for his song S.E.X. LaLa was only 21 years old when she and her producer/boyfriend were found murdered in the basement of their studio. She leaves behind a daughter, Amirrah. You can learn more about her on her myspace page.

MILWAUKEE - A familiar voice to Milwaukee R & B fans has been silenced.
Twenty-one year old Yolanda "La La" Brown and her producer, 22-year-old JeTannue Clayborn, were found dead in their recording studio Friday night.

Milwaukee police say both were found in the Loud Enuff Productionz studio at 55th and Lisbon. Both had gunshot wounds and had been dead at least a day before being
discovered. They were reportedly dating.

JeTannue's mother, Dina Chambers, describes him as energetic, with an eye toward making music his career. "He loved music. He loved people. He was very kind. They called him "Koo Laid" because every time you saw him, he was smiling."

Autopsies were scheduled on both Clayborn and Brown, but the results have not been released. (Source)


Yolanda Brown's family also set up a trust fund for LaLa's
5-year-old daughter Amirrah Airreal Brown. Donations can be sent to:
Lee or Maria Brown
3322 N. 38th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53216

Lyfe Jennings f/ Lala Brown - S.E.X



  1. i hate it when people say "the good do die young." THE good and the bad people all die whenever it is time for them to go, unfortunately some people lives are taken by evil people. god bless their souls and their family.

  2. After LaLa was kicked of the tour she made an enemy because she went on to bigger and better things by herself. She got exposure at lyfe's expense then continued to grow as she waited for her contract with Lyfe to expire. Was he upset because he could not make any money off of her talent he helped expose to the world? Is that the Motive? i was shocked to see him at her funeral with sunglasses on. He could not have been hiding his eyes because he had been crying. The eyes are the window to the soul and they tell the truth if you know what I mean. Stolen music equipment! coincidence? It was stolen to keep her from producing records so she would to pay someone to make them. She was shot too many times, which means it was personal. The killer is right under the police's nose, all they have to do is open eyes. This reminds me of the OJ simpson case, you know who did it already. You get by but you don't get away!