Dec 27, 2007

Today Benazir Bhutto the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan was assassinated. Her death has really had an affect on me. I was trying to figure out a way to talk about her on the blog and make her relatable to my readers. She was a great woman and I believe that we all should know her story. So the only way I guess I can introduce her to you''ll is to tell you how I became aware of this fascinating woman.

I was watching CNN one day and I believe it was Wolf Blitzer from 'The Situation Room' who was doing an interview with her. I was about to change the channel when something told me to continue watching and what I witnessed was one of the most impressive people I have ever viewed in my life. She was what you could only hoped that the leaders over here could be. She stood for something and she was willing to sacrifice her life for that and in the end that is exactly what happened.

The interview took place right before she was about to go back to her home country after an eight year self imposed exile. She knew the risks to her life was great, but yet she was willing to go back anyway. She was Pakistan's one real shot at Democracy and it was really sad to see her taken out in such a manner.

She said that she learned from her father "...that people must stand for principle and stand for what they believe in."

Her assassination has great ramifications for her country, but it's ramifications are just as great for the rest of the world.

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  1. This lady was true ole G and she gets nothing but the utmost respect from me. May she rest in peace. She might not have live to see her dream come to fruition, but in the end she received immortality. You tell me which one is bigger.