Dec 13, 2007

In an interview that Gabrielle Union had with Essence Magazine not too long ago, she stated some of her grievances with some black-run blogs. Gabrielle followed-up that interview with an interview with in which she elaborates more about what she think is the problem with black-run blogs. I find the things that she had to say to be very interesting.

In your recent Essence interview, you touched on the media, mainly black-run blogs that spread rumors without checking facts. What can these outlets do differently if they don't have you or any entertainer per se to reach out to correctly?

It's like if you wrote for a major newspaper or a major magazine. If you can't substantiate your claims, you don't write them. We don't have enough black voices, [and] we certainly don't have enough people in entertainment who are trying to do good things for our community, so anytime you try to attack someone's character, you negate their voice for all the things that they're trying to do. I come out and speak about African American sexual assault survivors and what we can do to provide support and help to those survivors. I talk about African Americans and breast cancer. But people aren't going to listen to those things if you are spreading lies and rumors, you know what I mean? It kinda negates all the good things that you do. It makes me want to just work harder and do more good, but it's frustrating and it makes a lot of people in my industry say, "Screw it! If I can't even get my own people to listen and not talk ill of me, what hope do I have for mainstream media?"

If you look at what Perez [Hilton] does - and I don't advocate for Perez, you know, he can write hurtful things about a lot of people - but what he does as a man of color, as a Latino, is he never dogs Latinos, ever. He actually breaks artists on his website. They can go from "Who the hell is that?" to Number One on iTunes in a day, just from what he says. So he's trying to uplift his own people. I mean, he dogs everybody else, but as a man of color, I applaud you. I can't dog you for not dogging your own people. He never says anything negative about Latinos, ever, and I just wish that we had more of that kind of "raise up" mentality and pulled each other up instead of dragging each other down. Especially like... If I got arrested, say whatever you want to say. If I had kids and left them in the car while I partied, or I got out of cabs showing all my private parts, you have every right to dog me. If I came out and dogged my own people, kill me in your blogs. But don't make things up! I do enough, and if you really got spies everywhere you'd know what I was doing, you wouldn't have to make things up. And if you don't know your facts, then just don't print them. (Source)

So what do you think? Is Gabrielle legit in her beef or do she needs to understand that all publicity is good publicity as long as people are talking about you? Let me know what you think?


  1. DOG DOG DOG... wow, she sounds uneducated. BTW.. have you guys checked out WWW.GLOBALGRIND.COM? I read about this there first! But anyway, if Perez is going to talk junk bout people, it should be about all people. If it was a white person wit this blog, n they didn't talk about white people, it wouldn't be considered lifting their people up, it would be considered racist. Period.

  2. Being someone who has checked out Perez's site a time or two I can tell you for a fact that he dogs out latinos all the time. Jessica Alba has beared the brunt of a lot of his tirades.

    Gabby just needs to toughen up and realize that she has to take the good with the bad when it comes to being famous. If she is so worried about what people are saying about her then she needs to stay home and stop doing so much damn partying.

  3. I mean... we do have enough people putting our business on jump street that we dont have to write about the gossip or the rumors... but people want to read the stuff so people are going to continue to write it... no one really takes the stuff seriously, If they're a fan of hers, there a fan... no matter how many different times they see a picture of her partying it up in the club with someone else's husband

    ooohh... did I say that... I love Gabby though... she is a lot of fun in the club and I probably would be just like he if I had the cheeze... she never has loads of security, she's personable, and just plain likes to have fun...