Dec 27, 2007

Am I the only one with this beef? Was I the only person who received like fifty million text messages on Christmas Day talking about 'Merry Christmas'? What happened to the good ole days when people actually called you and wished you a Merry Christmas? God, how I miss those days. You know the days when a person called you and you didn't even have to ask who it was because you recognized their voice. Yeah those days. I really miss them. Maybe I am just being nostaglic or I'm just upset that I just ended my 'text message' relationship with a man I have known for a long time. I mean let's be real. Men, you cannot send your woman a text message on Christmas talking about "Merry Christmas" and not expect her to be a little pissed. It just doesn't work that way. Pick up the damn phone and called the chick. Is that too much to ask for. Okay I digress, let me get back to the subject at hand.

So, I am really sick and tired of text messaging. Technology has become so dominate in the world that people don't even know how to relate or have a decent conversation with each other. I guess that is why I have resisted the temptation of Myspace or Facebook. I guess I like making my friends the ole fashion way. I am however comptemplating have a Myspace page for this site, but I don't think I could ever do one for myself personally unless it had something to do with business. I love interacting with people and being able to look them in the eye when I talk to them. I also like listening to their voice when we talk. A text can't tell you whether or not a person is joking or being sarcastic, but their voice sure can.

So in closing I guess I am using this to say that when New Year's come, please for God's sake do not text me wishing me a Happy New Year. Just pick up the phone and call me. If you are worried about your peak minutes just called me during your non-peak hours. I promise you I won't mind just as long as you call.


  1. I think every woman who has encountered what you have encountered has to agree with you. I swear text messaging is the best thing that every happened to man. Only a man could have come up with such technology.

  2. Not with you on this one... sorry sis... I love texting its so easy... and people get out what they want quick... because you can only have so many characters... instead of having a long drawn out conversation.

    Although I was kinds annoyed when my mom learned how to text and she text me happy birthday this year. I just thought that was so impersonal. Mom has to call you on your birthday, not text it.

    So for personal things like your boyfriend texting you merry christmas is just dead wrong... but for the most part... texting is my friend!

  3. Okay I agree with you Eb, there are some good things about texting. My quarrel is with the fact that it has made things so impersonal. I think that is my biggest gripe. It's okay for general conversation, but when it comes to a person's birthday or Christmas let's be real.