Dec 8, 2007

Karyn McConnell-Hancock was found alive in Atlanta, Ga.

Toledo police and family members are confirming this morning the missing pregnant attorney, Karyn McConnell-Hancock, 35, is alive and well in Atlanta.

A brief phone call was made to Karyn's husband, Lawrence Hancock, on Thursday. At that time, it was confirmed Karyn was alive.

A motorist was flagged down by Karyn McConnell-Hancock around 7 a.m. this morning northwest of Atlanta, Ga (Cobb County). She reports that she was kindapped by two males and a female. In Georgia, they put her out of her car, so she started walking.
Her father, Toledo Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell, thanks the public for its support and prayers in the last few days.

McConnell-Hancock was reported missing Wednesday after she failed to pick her child up from daycare. She was last seen at her downtown law office.

She is six months pregnant. (Source)


  1. Have you guys seen that this "abduction" was apparently a hoax?

  2. I am really upset about finding out this entire thing was a hoax. It's already bad enough that mainstream media don't report on missing women of color, but when they finally do it's a damn hoax. I am just speechless.