Dec 8, 2007

All Photos Courtesy of AP

"see through those people who try to convince you that experience with politics as usual is more valuable than wisdom born from years of serving the people outside of Washington."

-Oprah Winfrey in Des Moines 12/8/07

Something extraordinary happened today. Oprah Winfrey went out on the stump for Barack Obama today in Iowa. This is something she has never done before, but because her belief in the senator from Illinois is so strong she agreed to go out on the stump for him.

There have been a lot of questions coming out about whether or not Oprah's appearance out on the campaign trail would generate votes for Obama. I don't know if all of the 18,500 people who showed up today are supporting Obama, but I do know that once he speaks they will have an opportunity to hear what he stands for and why he thinks he is the most qualified person for the job of President of the United States.

So what do you think? Do you think Oprah's prescence on the campaign trail will generate votes for Sen. Obama?


  1. Honestly, I think Oprah campaigning for Obama will indeed lead to more votes for Obama. We have long snce learnt that Oprah reaches people that tend to lead a blind's eye to some of the realities going on today. So if she is willing to stand up for and beside Obama and him being the best person for the pending president position, then there just might be some credence for others to believe as well.

    Will I vote for Obama.....I'm unsure at the moment. But you can best believe I will lay out the pro's and con's for each of the candidates and make a informed decision as to who I support/vote.

    His platform includes very important items that I feel have been neglected and/or has given/taken a decline in recent years. To name a few: senior citizens, healthcare, improving our schools......

  2. i dont... they are saying that the african american female vote is going to be the determining factor between Barack and Hilary and no matter how much we as black women love and respect Oprah, we know that we are not her audience. She does not cater or relate to the everyday urban black female... I think a lot more african american women are comfortable with having the name Clinton return to office than they are with Obama and dont think that Oprah will be able to do anything to change that.

  3. Ebonne you can’t be serious. You have obviously been watching too much mainstream T.V i.e. (White Television) if you think; as you put it, that Oprah audience is not Black Women. When it was announced that Oprah would be stumping for Obama in South Carolina where more than half of the registered Democratic voters are African American women, the first venue in Columbia was oversold and they had to move it to Williams Brice football stadium which holds 80,000people, and a respectable 30,000 plus showed up,(many African American Women}. According to a poll released on Monday, Obama moved up to almost tie Hillary in South Carolina 25 to 28 with African American Women voters’ support. Without question some minds were changed this weekend. Mine for one was changed. After hearing Oprah’s speech on CSPAN, it really got me thinking seriously about voting for Obama. How she so eloquently spoke about Obama and what he has done since graduating from Harvard Law School for his community, serving outside of Washington. How she quoted a saying from the autobiography of “Miss Jane Pittman” her saying “Are You the One?” “Are You the One?”

    I know for me and for many that is the question on many minds today. Who can lead this country into a better future?

    It is sad that in 2007 we still think that anyone that appears half way intelligent and put on shows that are not asking “Who is your baby daddy?” is catering to white people. Race isn't an issue with her. She is trying to educate and empower women, period. It is the uneducated and unintelligent people who try to down play her using race as a factor because of her success.

    She has established Oprah's Angels Network and has entered in a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. She is helping minority students get a better education through her involvement with “A Better Chance” program.

    She has given the proceeds from her inspirational video Oprah: Make The Connection to A Better Chance, Inc., a Boston-based, privately funded program that provides bright inner-city youth with the opportunity to attend college preparatory schools. She has donated millions of dollars so that African American students can attend college.

    Her partnership with Habitat for Humanity has 10,000 volunteers who are helping to build houses for needy Americans throughout the country including the Katrina Survivors, which happen to be majority African Americans.

    Let’s not even mention the fact that she is building schools throughout Africa for African Children.

    For us African American women who get it, we are watching Oprah or recording it. And we if we have any sense we are paying attention to what she is saying. I don’t care what the Nielsen ratings say; Oprah has a large African American following. Some of us are too ashamed to admit we watch Oprah, and that we pay attention to what she has to say, because our friends or family members are haters of Oprah, because they believe what mainstream Media tell them, that we are not interested in things that matter. What a Shame. Please don’t fall for such a trap. Don’t Hate. Appreciate.