Dec 28, 2007

The phenomenal woman that goes by the name of Susan L. Taylor is leaving Essence Magazine after being their for over thirty years. Ms. Taylor has decided to devote more of her time to the National Cares Mentoring Movement. I have to admit that this makes me really sad because this lady is Essence Magazine as far as I am concerned, but I can only wish her the best.

Although Essence, which is owned by the Time Inc. division of Time Warner, did not make an official announcement, Ms. Taylor chose to send out word of the change via e-mail.

“I am taking a break in South Africa and will have little access to e-mail,” she wrote in an automated out-of-office message this month. “When I come back to the states in mid-January, I will be leaving Essence to do what at this juncture in my life has become a larger work for me — building the National Cares Mentoring Movement, which I founded as Essence Cares and today is my deepest passion." (Source)


  1. I am deeply sadden by this news. For me too Susan Taylor was Essence. I would just pick up Essence magazine just to read "In the Spirit" because the magazine itself had become somewhat of a bore when she step aside as Editor-in-Chief. I wish Ms. Taylor well and hope she can make a diffence in our young girls lives with her national mentoring program.

  2. This saddens me. As you know, I start off my blog with a letter she wrote while editor in chief. She was absolutely wonderful at her job and really inspired me!

    I hope she will still be involved in the uplifting of young black girls, and hope she will even take some time in africa to write a book!