Dec 18, 2007

Another year is drawing to a close, and though this year has been full of high notes and some low ones, for me one thing I will be more than glad to close a chapter on, is the ever probing demise of one of my true loves in this world....Music! Though many Record Execs blame the digital age for the slump in album sales, those of us with any clear consciousness of the art form would clearly recognize, the lack of creativity and diversity is what is keeping consumers from buying these days. So despite my dismay for what big business has done to our art form, I feel "Tis the Season for Giving", that's right giving back to artist who truly appreciate the gift they've been blessed with, and giving back to we the fans, some hope that there are non-ringtone artist that still exists! So if you love music, here are my Top Five Albums You Should've Bought this Year, don't worry it's not too late, this will be a great way to start the new year off right!

Bilal Salaam- "Blah"

Incredible Album from Washington D.C. native, Bilal Salaam. Soulful with Compelling Lyrics, with some jazz, soul, hip hop, and afro-beat production. This dude is should be winning Grammy's by now!

PJ Morton- "Perfect Song"

Son of well-renowed Bishop Paul S. Morton, PJ Morton didn't necessarily fall into his fathers footstep, however his gift is just as great. To be honest this is PJ's second release, and to be even more honest his first album..."Emotions" is a classic in my book, however that came out about 3 yrs ago, so considering I'm a fan, "Perfect Song" is just that...true honest music! So buy both, a dual treat ;-)

Emily King- "East Side Story"

I did a write up on this soultress a while back, and nonetheless, I believe she had one of the best debuts of the year. Poised for Greatness, unfortuanately she may get lost in the shuffle being signed to a major label in this musical climate. However, this was a great album, and when I say album I mean, you won't have to skip through half the CD in order to find that one good song!

Eric Roberson- "Left"

Considered the "Most Popular" out of the Underground Soul Movement, Eric Roberson, a.k.a "Erro", released his highly anticipated 4th album this year, and in no way was the wait not worth it. "Left" is an aptly title considering Eric Roberson is taking music in a different direction, one with soul and meaning. This is a must have in any soul lovers collection.

Talib Kweli- "Eardrum"

Probably one of the best, Hip Hop Albums of the Year, Talib Kweli delivered to hip hop purist a timeless album. No catchy dances, or annoying hooks, just good ol fashion straight Hip Hop at its best! Great music with an even better message. With Talib, Kanye, Common, and Lupe Fiasco, this year was the first in a long time in which Hip Hop had a strong balance. These artist proving not sticking to the status Quo was the way to go this year.

Well there you have my Top Picks, this was such a hard task, but the new year is around the corner, and if these artist are any indication, of the future of music, 08' is lookin much more hopeful. Since I could only do five, be on the look out for my Artist on the Rise!

So what do you think, What albums was the World Sleeping on this year?!!



  1. I have the Talib Kweli and the Emily King... love them both... actually going to a play that Emily is in on thurs... not a big fan of Bilal... but will definitely check out the other 2

    An album that I think should have made your list is also Darien Brockington...

  2. First of all love your list!

    Two albums I think should have made the list are Ledisi and Anthony David "The Red Clay Chronicles". These were both great albums.

  3. Hey, you both are absolutely correct, I have the Darien Brockington, and that album is CRAZY, as well as that Anthony David, maybe I should've done a top 10!

    p.s. Ebonne, Bilal Salaam, and Bilal are two different artist, I wasn't sure if you were thinking of the other "Bilal", B Salaam has a completely different sound, you should check him out on his MYSPACE

  4. Will definitely check B. Salaam out then... I was thinking of the other Bilal