Jan 14, 2008

Barack Obama:

1.Cut $250 checks for some 150 million low and middle income workers and send them out. If needed, send out an additional $250 per worker, totaling $500 for these workers

2.Likewise, send $250 to seniors earning under $50,000 as a Social Security supplement, and and prepared to send out a second $250 payment

3.Establish a $10 billion fund to help “responsible” families avoid foreclosure. The money would be given to homeowners who did not lie about their incomes and were “mindful of personal responsibility.”

4.Provides money to state and local governments hardest hit by housing crisis to prevent them from slashing infrastructure and other important state spending

5. Expand unemployment insurance

Hillary Clinton:

1. Establish a $30 billion emergency housing crisis fund to help states and cities cope with the effects of growing foreclosures.

2. Freeze subprime mortgage rates for five years and impose a 90-day moratorium on subprime foreclosures.

3. Provide $25 billion in emergency energy assistance for families facing soaring heating bills in cold-weather regions.

4. Speed up $5 billion in investments in energy efficient and alternative energy technology.

5. Extend unemployment insurance by $10 billion.


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