Jan 17, 2008

In two separate family phots (l) Gina and Jordan Hunt (r) Andrea and Charlii Yarrell

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Shock and anger punctuated a prayer vigil for a baby, a toddler and their mothers who were shot to death while the women held their children in their arms.

City leaders who spoke at the church vigil, attended by about 100 people, summed up the crime with one word: Evil.

"How does evil like this exist in our city?" Mayor Greg Ballard said. "It's easy to be heartbroken, and you should be. But you should be angry, and I'm angry."

Ballard urged people to channel their outrage into community policing, neighborhood associations and other ways to make the community safer.

All four victims were shot repeatedly late Monday, said Indianapolis Assistant Police Chief Eva Talley-Sanders. All died at the house on the city's north side except for 4-month-old Charlii Yarrell, who died at a hospital.

The other victims were Jordan Hunt, 23 months; his mother, Gina Hunt, 24; and Charlii's mother, Andrea Yarrell, 24.

Police Chief Michael Spears, who also spoke at the vigil, called the killings "an act of inexplicable evil."

Two handguns were found within a block of the house where the killings occurred, said Sgt. Matthew Mount, a police spokesman. (Source)


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