Jan 11, 2008

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. -- Former Olympian Marion Jones has been sentenced to six months in prison for lying about using steroids and a check-fraud scam, despite her plea that she not be separated from her two young children "even for a short period of time."

"I ask you to be as merciful as a human being can be," she said.

Last October, Jones admitted she lied to a federal investigators in November 2003 when she denied using performance-enhancing drugs. She said she took a designer steroid "several times before the Sydney Olympics and continued using it after."

The sentence completes a stunning fall for the woman who was once the most celebrated female athlete in the world. She won three gold and two bronze medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. (Source)


  1. This makes me sad on so many levels that I can't even begin to describe it. What does six months in prison prove? Her life will never be the same...

  2. Marion Jones fall from grace is very disheartening and very sad. I'm just curious as to what they are going to do to the likes of Roger Clemens or Mark McGuire. I didn't see these two athletes persecuted in the manner in which Barry Bonds has been demonized by the media. For people to pretend like the majority of these athletes are not doing something or another to give them an edge to stay competitive is completely naive on our behalf.

  3. Again we have a case of "Just Us",not "Justice" those white guys are not going to do any time, because they are going to lie, and say they didn't know that their trainers or whoever was injecting them with steriods,and the sad part the judges are going to believe them. So Marion Jones only crime his being black and doing like her Momma told her to do and that's tell the truth at all cost.

  4. When she returns the 5 medals, does the 2nd place finisher get the gold, the 3rd place finisher get the silver and most importantly, do they find the 4th place finisher and give her the bronze which she was cheated out of? Does the IOC track down these people? Has anyone written a story about this? Does the American alternate in her events get to call herself an Olympian?

  5. I think the reason Marion is going to jail and Mark McGuire isn't is because Mark didn't lie to any investigators about his use of steroids. Whether Clemens will or not depends on if he's convicted of lying - and a lot of people think he's set himself up for it. In the end at least Marion accepted the full responsibility for her actions.