Jan 14, 2008

Photo courtesy of www.bossip.com

It looks like the arm of steroids has reached into the entertaiment field. The Albany Times Union is reporting that Mary J. Blige, Wyclef Jean, 50 Cent, and Tyler Perry are being named in an Albany-based investigation of steroids trafficking .

Information has surfaced recently showing those stars are among tens of thousands of people who may have used or received prescribed shipments of steroids and injectable human growth hormone in recent years. Law enforcement officials have said they have no evidence in their sprawling multistate probe that customers, including Blige or other entertainers, violated any laws. Instead, they are targeting anti-aging clinics, doctors and pharmacists who prescribed the drugs.

Records shared with the Times Union and information from several cooperating witnesses on Long Island indicate Blige and other stars were shipped prescribed human growth hormone or steroids -- sometimes under fictitious names -- at hotels, production studios, private residences, an upscale Manhattan fitness club and through the Long Island office of Michael Diamond, a chiropractor affiliated with the celebrities, sources said.

Now I really need someone to explain to me what Ms. Mary needs drugs for. I really hope this isn't the reason she has been putting off having kids. I can't say I am surprised by any of the other names, but then again seeing Tyler Perry's name did throw me for a loop.


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