Jan 15, 2008

Michelle Obama spoke at the Trumpet Awards Foundation and she addressed the fact that some black voters felt reluctant to vote for Barack because they thought it would make him a target. Here is what she had to say:

There are still voices, even within our own community, that focus on what might go wrong,” Mrs. Obama said, nimbly entwining references to violence with her more usual admonitions that a history of racism and despair should not keep her husband, Senator Barack Obama, from office.

“It’s not just about fear, people,” she continued during her remarks at the Trumpet Awards Foundation. “It’s also about love. I know people want to protect us and themselves from disappointment and failure, from the possibility of being let down again — not by us, but by the world as it is. A world that we fear might not be ready for a decent man like Barack.” (Source)

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  1. I'm very proud of Mrs. Obama. She makes me proud to be a black woman. She so eloquently speaks to people's fears and tell them to not worry. If she knows the risk to her husband and she continues to push him forward why shouldn't we do the same and stop letting fear hold us back.