Jan 16, 2008

Since I am an avid Oprah Winfrey Fan; I had to take several deep breaths and calm down before I wrote this open letter to all the “Oprah Haters”.

First, I say there is no one in “this world” that should be worshiped. Just because you can’t help but admire and watch with most pride as the only Black Female in Media is able take part in owning of a TV Network, and I say take part in because she only has 50 percent of the Network because the powers that be (White Men) could not see fit to sell her the whole thing (not in this life-time). This does not mean you worship her.

Secondly, the last time I checked we live in a capitalistic society and success comes from owning. Not renting. As we see with all the rappers and so call celebrities, parading around in all the diamonds, furs, cars and clothes that don’t belong to them. Oprah owns everything associated with her name. We all could take lessons from her and start owning our businesses or masters, or whatever. Instead of like some of these so called business people and I dare mention (Russell Simmons, Bob Johnson and Jay Z) all of whom owned businesses and then sold them to the white man. So in essence we own nothing, and we share nothing, these types of people are the ones who make me ill when I even think about or have to mention their names. At least Oprah shares the wealth, it may not always be with the people who you think she should share with, but guess what? It’s her money and she can do as she pleases.

Third, since some of you obviously do not watch Oprah, let me school you. Oprah was one of the first Talk Show Host to bring cases like the Genarlow Wilson story to the fore front back when Marcus Dixon was first was sentenced in a very similiar case. And it was clear that she thought it was wrong what had happen to him, and put the call out to the Georgia Supreme Court and the rest of the world to get involved. And since most of us do not know what Oprah does, when she is not on T.V, how can anyone say that she did nothing about the Jena Six. Are any of you her personal assistants, or better yet her stalkers that you might have a clue as to her every move. If not then how can you say what she did or didn’t do about the Jena Six or any other issue you care about.

Fourth, the last time I checked Education, K-12 was free in this country; and the idiots that you all should speak of (not the people who support Oprah) but the real idiots who rather stand on the street corner while school is in session than be in a classroom trying to learn something, so they can become successful business people like Oprah doesn’t need anybody to build them a school, we already have millions that they don’t attend now. So don’t blame Oprah for building schools in countries where children would LOVE to go to school, but can’t afford to go. Because if you didn’t know; Education is not free in most Countries, parents have to pay.

Lastly, it always seem to be a problem when a Black person takes advantage of the opportunities to expand their empires, but nothing is said when thousands of white people own entire T.V networks (Ted Turner), newspapers, radio and other major corporations.

Again, I say, we are our own worst enemy. Don’t Hate. Congratulate.


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