Jan 14, 2008

Usatoday had an article on it's website in which it talked to two black women from South Carolina named Maggie Melvin and Iris Wilson. The ladies were asked about who they were going to vote for in the primaries and why. Here is the response from Ms. Melvin:

Melvin, 57, said she yearns to vote for Obama but believes Hillary Clinton stands a better shot at making history as the first female president. "When white people go behind that curtain in their polling place, they won't vote for a black man, no matter how eloquent or capable," said Melvin, a retired Air Force transportation officer. (Source)

Now what makes this statement so scary is the fact that a lot of people share the same sentiment as Ms. Melvin. If we as a people choose to base our vote on what we think other people are going to do then we are already defeated and there is really no reason for us to even involve ourselves in the Democratic process. It is sad that the fear of the white man still paralyzes us a people and we are not willing to give a person of color a chance because we are scared white people will never accept him/her. I realize that a lot of these sentiments stem from our past and this country's past, but there comes a time when we must look ahead and maybe, just maybe give into the Audacity of Hope.


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