Jan 25, 2008

Extratv.com has got their hands on documents that show how much money Shaq spends on his bills a month. Now when you make as much money as Shaq ($2 million/year) of course your bills are going to reflect that. Here is a basically a list of what he pays:

- $1,500 for cable TV
- $110,000 for monthly vacations
- $17,000 for clothing
- $26,500 for babysitting
- $23,000 at gas stations
- $22,000 per month on maid service

Now some people are harping on how much he pays on cable, but that is not what caught my attention. You see all my life my mother has preached about how important it is to go to college and get a "good job" but she never told me I could make the bomb living just being a babysitter or a maid. $26,500/month on babysitting! Jesus would definitely have to take the wheel on that one. Sometimes it's just cheaper raising your own children. Now the maid thing I can understand that. Did you see how big their house was? I would hire someone to clean that thing too.


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