Jan 31, 2008

It looks like out favorite former co-host of the View, Star Jones, is out of a job again. TruTV (formally CourtTV) just announced internally that Feb. 1 will be the last day for The Star Jones Show. But don't feel sorry for Star, she will still have a gig. Here is what TruTV had to say about the abrupt cancellation:

The network says the abrupt cancellation of the show, which debuted Aug. 20, 2006, was due to "the rebranding and programming focus of the network." The network says that a new show, "Arrest & Trial" will take its place at 3 p.m. EST, and Jones Reynolds will continue on as a contributing legal expert. (Source)


  1. I knew it before it even premiered that it would be short lived. Coming on TV looking like one of the malnourished children in africa was not going to attract too many viewers no matter what you have to say. Some people just look better chunky.

  2. Oh my god. I thought it was just me. Star looks like a pinata after all the candy had been knocked out.

  3. I agree that with the general idea of your comment. However, using the analogy with "starving African children" is not becoming of a "Savvy Sister". The analogy lacks sensitivity, respect and perspective. There are many, many of the 1 billion Africans who are drop dead gorgeous, irregardless of our perceptions and misperceptions.