Jan 24, 2008

As the South Carolina Primary and Super Tuesday approach, I felt compelled to reflect on my people once again. So many people, especially Black people are saying that now is not the time for an African American President. My question is If not now; when? We have long watched this country grow into a world that none of us are proud of. It is time to release ourselves from the bondage and break the chains, move the mountains, and get rid of the business as usual politicians. During these crucial primaries, please go out and vote for the person who you feel will do the best job for our country. When you are at the polling places do not consider race; consider yourself; your children; your parents; and your friends. Think about how you want to live and how you want them to live. Together we are unstoppable. Divided we fall. We deserve more than what we have been given. NOW IS THE TIME!!


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