Jan 10, 2008

I was recently talking to the TheEducator and we started talking about the Serena Williams post. All I could think about was damn Pimp Down (man where is Katt Williams when you need him). I mean if a sista like Serena is going through it then man us mere mortals don't stand a chance...LOL.

So during our conversation I decided to post a Top Ten list dedicated to our fallen sista ["Pimp Down..." with my fist in the air] because her journey is something that most of us can relate to and it's also one that we don't realize we are on until it is too late. So now I present to you my list:

10. When your girlfriend ask you to go with her to an exotic island and she says she will pick up the tab and you refuse, because you don’t want to leave your man.

9. When you let him drop you off at work in your brand new Lexus because he doesn't have a car or a job.

8. When you get up in the morning and go to work while he sleeps soundly in your 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets because he doesn't have a J-O-B.

7. When you have worked all day and he has been home all day and he asks you “What’s for Dinner?” and you actually pull out your apron and get your Martha Stewart/B. Smith on.

6. When you see him with another woman and you know it’s not his mother, sister, auntie, grandmother, or cousin but that’s what he tells you and you believe him.

5. When you refinance your house and put his name on it. I'm talking about the house big momma left you and the only thing you had to pay on it was property taxes because it was paid for. Yeah, that house.

4. When you just got your hair done, I'm talking about that flat wrap that lays perfectly and makes you feel like you have "Indian" in your family and you go home and sweat it out by doing three or four rounds with your man. Then the next day you have the audacity to go back to the same beauty salon and pay another $55 to get it redone.

3. When you call his cell phone 10 more times, after he ignored you the first ten. You know he’s hitting that ignore button, but you just keep calling anyway because you think something must be wrong with his phone or it must be on vibrate. You know that dude is ignoring your calls because the long pause comes up right before the out-going message on his voicemail finally kicks in.

2. When you write a blog post about how much you hate text messages when you know you use to be crazy about them. That man just got your head all messed up that you can't even think straight. Okay I digress, I'm beginning to divulge too much of my personal business...LOL. But back to the matter at hand...

And the Number 1 way you can tell that a man has put it on you...Drumroll Please...

1. When you are a multi-million dollar athlete, who is a brick house, and can have any man you want and you are on your official website talking about "Stand in these shoes (I'm sure u have before)". Yeah, you might've had it put on you.

So there you have it my top ten ways. I could have put more, but I wanted to get some input from you. So tell me what you think.
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