Feb 15, 2008

It would appear that someone is definitely lying. I don't know if it is the Obama camp or Tavis Smiley that is doing the lying, but all i know is that some untruthiness (if that's a word) is in the air. Two different stories have been told about Tavis Smiley's refusal to have Michelle Obama come and speak on her husband's behalf at the State of the Black Union.

Tavis Smiley told BlackAmericaWeb.com that he never received any request for Michelle to come in Sen. Obama's place. But he did go on to say had he received said request he would have still denied it because there's a "precedent."

Smiley defended his position saying the purpose of the symposium is "to speak with candidates," not surrogates, and he said he feels strongly that Obama should participate.

"That people are suggesting that I am boxing [Obama] in or threatening him, is nonsense," Smiley told BlackAmericaWeb.com. "I’m catching hell just for inviting Mr. Obama to the event."

"I love Michelle Obama, and I have a great respect and admiration for her, but we have a precedent," he said. "This is about the candidates. If Hillary Clinton had offered me Bill Clinton, I would have said no." (Source)


  1. Tavis needs to understand that accountability cuts more than one why. I am glad he is catching hell. he has made a lot money off the backs of black people and it is only fair that these same people give him a little hell when they disagree with things that he says. It doesn't mean that we don't still love him, but sometimes you have to issue out a little tough love.

    I feel that Tavis is very wrong on this subject. Obama's time is best spent in states like Ohio and Texas. Tavis' poor scheduling is his problem and not the Obama's. I hope for the betterment of our community that these brothers can come to some understanding. But Tavis needs to understand that Obama is not beholden to him. He did not make Obama,

  2. They need to work that out. I would love to see Michelle Obama on the show.

  3. Tavis is getting out of control with this. He needs help.

    Even Dr. Boyce Watkins, who I think is a friend of Tavis, said that he needs to slow his roll.

    The egos are outta contol!

  4. Tavis needs to get it under control, it appears he has it twisted. I'm very disappointed in Tavis, and he needs to slow his role.