Feb 14, 2008

So I was recently on Roland Martin's blog for Essence.com and I see that Obama declined to attend Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union (good for him), but instead offer to send Michelle in his place. Now Tavis declined Michelle saying that it was "inappropiate".

Now I am a fan of all the things Tavis Smiley has done for the community, but I honestly have to say that the brother is wrong on this one. He has really gotten "out of pocket" lately when it comes to issues of Obama. The fact that he mis-scheduled the SOBU this year should not be Obama's problem. If he really wanted all the candidates to show up then he should have scheduled the SOBU right before the Louisiana primaryor had it in Texas (or Ohio for that matter). There is no reason for Obama to come back to Louisiana at this point in time. His focus should be on Texas and Ohio. he has to get out there and meet the voters of these two crucial states. And to all those people that think he needs to come to the SOBU to prove that "Black" issues are his issues, I ask you to go and check out a video of the Congressional Black Caucus sponsored debate right beofre the South Carolina primary and tell me whether or not the brother is concerned with "Black" issues.

Roland had a rough transcript of a conversation involving Michael Baisiden and Michelle Obama. Please check it out below:

You can also listen to the interview by clicking here.

MO: I think that BO and I both have a tremendous amount of respect for Tavis and the work he has done and most people have come to know BO’s life work and advancing the principles and the base of the covenant- and he works to eradicate the opportunity gap and that all kids have education and health care you name it it has been a part of his platform- we believe in what Tavis is doing and people know that we are at a critical juncture – he is in a position that no one could have been anticipated but it is not over- he have spent every minute spending time reaching voters that don’t know him. This race is going to determine the outcome of this entire race and so I am in support of his decision to spend his time trying to reach these voters- I offered to attend the state of the black union- Tavis says that my attendance and participation would be inappropriate and I respect that. But BO has to spend his time becoming the next prez of the US.

BAISDEN: You and I love Tavis for what he has done- what do you need the family to know about the Tavis situation

MO: I think people should know that Tavis has been a friend and his principles are at the heart of who we are- I don’t think anyone can doubt that BO has been working hard at the equity- we are at a point where if BO doesn’t do well in these remaining contests then it will switch right back- we need to make sure that he is spending every second reaching out to voters in texas and ohio. I just got back in town and going back out on Monday and Friday- I haven’t seen BO in a couple weeks but that is what it takes. The fact he has won 8 in a row is a testament to working hard and focused.

BAISDEN: I have known Tavis for years- I am going to try to reach out to him if I can- if you are listening please iron this thing out- I respect you don’t want Michelle to be there- but we have bigger fish to fry.

MO: This is an amazing time in our country’s history and we wouldn’t be here without the work Tavis has done- we have a tremendous amount of respect- I don’t think that anyone would disagree with that, but now that we are here we cant miss this opportunity so what happens in Texas and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will make or break this.

BAISDEN: I believe that everybody understands, I want to thank you for coming on the show.

MO: We love him and respect him- I would love to come to the summit, maybe not this year since it is inappropriate but maybe other years I hope the invitation is open

BAISDEN: Did you realize that you are growing in popularity- you have done a great job in representing this man

MO: Well thank you Michael, I believe in this brother and I believe in us- people have not let us down I am so proud of my country and so proud of my people- we are not there yet look at here, we are almost there. (Source)


  1. Who in the hell do Tavis Smiley think he is? Michelle's prescence and participation would be deemed inappropiate. What kind of mess is that? This brother has really gotten beside himself. Somebody needs to sit Tavis ass down and talk to him.

  2. Tavis has lost his mind. The fact that he would diss a sista like Michelle Obama is beyond me. i thought the State of the Black Union was formed so that Black people could come together and discuss issues that are relevant to the black community. The last time I check Michelle was black and a part of this community. She is in line to become this nation's First Lady and that fool had the audacity to snub her.

  3. Damn Tavis is really digging himself in deep. He is going to start alienating his fan base.

  4. I am really disappointed in Tavis. I think he is trying to play kingmaker on this on. I guess he thinks Obama has to go through him in order to become President. Get over yourself brother.