Feb 11, 2008

I see Nas is really serious about this Nigger album. This is him at last night's Grammys. I am trying to give the brother the benefit of the doubt, but I don't know. So tell me what do you think about Nas coming out with an album called Nigger?



  1. This is nothing but a damn publicity stunt. That fact that he would parade around on Black History month promoting his non-existent album called Nigger just shows who's the real nigger here.

  2. Nigga Please!!!

  3. I am really speechless on this one. I don't know what Nas is trying to prove with this one, but I am going to reserve judgment until I hear the album. He's a smart emcee so I'm sure he's thought this one through.

  4. I work as a publicist and I know it's a stunt however there is a also a message behind it.

    When I first heard this was the album title , I knew the media would be eating this up--- it was planned that way and perfectly implemented.

    Nas is a very depp emcee whose lyrics , if listened to carefully, can teach you a thing or two about being a black man no matter where you are from. Most emcees start off with a tight beat and try to get something to fit it.

    Nas and many others like Common and Mos Def, start off with the message and find a beat to compliment it.. Theres a difference and I can't wait to see what this NIGGA does on the album

  5. I understand he is a smart emcee, but the last time I checked the majority of Hip-Hop sales are not coming from the inner city. It's white suburbia that is purchasing the bulk of Hip-Hop records. So even if he comes up with a very clever concept album to go along with his provocative title will it even reach the people he intends on reaching. His album isn't going to get any play on radio and you know the Uncle tom negroes at BET are going to stay awat from it. So all I'm saying is that at the end of the day sometimes you can be a little too smart for you own good.