Feb 14, 2008

Click here to read the Julian Bond, chairman of the NAACP, letter to Howard Dean about the seating of Michigan and Florida delegates. I am really beginning to believe their is a conspiracy going on to try and steal this election from Obama. The Clinton's are really pulling out all the stops. Why would Julian Bond wait to after the Super Tuesday elections to write such a letter? It's obvious what he is doing. He should have been outrage when the rules were first made. Don't wait to after your girl is losing to try and change the rules at the top of the Fourth [quarter].

So do you think Julian Bond is right about having the Florida and Michigan delegates being seated?


  1. Julian Bond needs to sit his boot-licking ass down somewhere. I aree with you, he should have wrote this letter when the DNC first made their decision. And where does he get off talking about Obama's miscalculation. The only thing Obama did was what all the candidates agreed to. And don't even get me to talking about how the shit he said about Hillary not campaigning in Florida until after the election there. That's a lie. Right after the primary in South Carolina, when she made her concession speech, she mention how the voters in Florida would have their say on Jan 26. So don't tell me she wasn't pandering. The Clinton's are some shady and scumy folks. They are willing to do anything to win. Look at the mess they created in Nevada when Obama received the support of the Culinary Union. She had her people go and try to sue. Just plain damn shady.

  2. The whole thing with Julian Bond and Tavis Smiley is really suspect. Tavis wants to talk about speaking in a language of Love, but when has he shown any love for Obama. It's one thing to spur debate on topics but it's a completely different thing to always criticize someone and not hold their opponent to the same litmus test. Neither Bond nor smiley speak for Black America. They are merely two people who only speak for themselves. Last time I checked I have a brain between my ears so I don't need to go to the Wizard and get one.

  3. I think that the counting the Michigan and Florida votes would be unfair to Obama. It’s just another ploy to keep him from winning. Both states knew what was at stake before they had the elections. I think that Clinton agreed initially until she won then changed her mind and wanted the votes to count since now she knows that they may help her win.

  4. The demos may have a problem, because I believe there are many more people who would vote for McCain if Hilary won. If they are smart they would go for the person the people want, see what happened when we ended up with Bush (who I sure as hell didn’t want for president). Superdelagates have special interests and agendas and they have nothing to do with the American people, excluding themselves. I am wondering what they are being offered in return for their vote. I just think that they should give Barrack a fair chance and black folks need to stand up for our own people. Especially when they are doing something positive that will change American history. We need to let go of that crabs in bucket mentality. We need to stop thinking that we can’t and show them that we can stand together for the common good of our country, the country that we built from blood and sweat and continue to sustain. So why shouldn’t he be the next president. If America isn’t ready for a black president, they better get ready.

    Hillary needs to look at what happened to the Patriots and know that cheaters never win. She may win the fight, but not the battle. Or however it goes.

  5. My recent letter to Mr. Bond:

    February 15, 2008

    Chairman Bond
    4805 Mt. Hope Drive
    Baltimore, Maryland 21215

    Dear Mr. Bond:

    Regarding your letter to Mr. Dean: Why is it that you have a great concern over the representation of the voters from Michigan and Florida now? As you well know it had been determined that the votes would not count from the onset due to decisions made by the powers that be. You showed no concern for this situation a month ago. My belief is that you along with other so called progressives don’t want this black man Barack Obama to sit in the White House. As you can clearly see, he is winning the game, and this frightens the hell out of you.

    After all of your lukewarm rhetoric about progression and the like, you are no more ready for a movement in America than you were back in the day. You and others are afraid and some of you jealous over the powerful movement Mr. Obama has stimulated. You are not ready for the change! But that’s alright. You will have no choice but to be ready in January 2009.

    Mr. Bond the reality is that Barack is the only viable candidate for the Democratic Party nomination. The people have spoken in a majority of the states to prove this. He has formed a revolutionary coalition that cannot be stopped. Your silly trickery to get the other candidate ahead of the game will not work this time.

    There is a greater power at work in this “MOVEMENT.”

    Mr. John Lewis in Atlanta is currently re-thinking his endorsement of the other candidate.

    People like me all over the free world are writing congressman, super delegates and the like to express their concern over this situation. We as a people are not surprised that you and some of your cohorts would try something to keep Senator Obama from his rightful place. He belongs in the White House and that is where he will be in January 2009. It is time for you to accept this reality and move on about you business at the NAACP.

    After all, he incites a passion in the American people that has not been felt since the era of King, Malcolm X and Kennedy. You yourself have not done much to carry on the advancement of colored people in America. I urge you to take your seat and let the new generation carry on the torch while the day is still bright. You can’t stop the change because it has already happened!

    It is time to soar!