Mar 19, 2008

Yesterday, Sen. Obama did one of the most courageous things I have ever seen a politician do: he tackled the issue of race. His speech was both eloquent and thought provoking. He challenged us all to hold a mirror up to our own face and confront the prejudices that resides in all of us. He also touched on the fact that white people need to acknowledge that the racism black people scream about is real and not just a figment of their imagination. This was the part that really made me emotional. To hear someone voice that which has been in my heart for all my adult life was something, I have to admit, that made me cry. The songwriter wrote "We shall overcome someday...deep in my heart, I do believe we shall overcome one day." I have to admit that deep in my heart I didn't believe, but when I heard the words spoken by that brother I felt a glimmer of hope flicker in my very cynic heart.

So tell me do you think Obama's speech will begin a real dialogue in this country about race or will it be like everything else and get pushed aside?


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