Apr 24, 2008

Chapter 5

Immediate disbelief, panic, terror, and then fear overtook Summer as her heart began to wildly pump in her chest. Her first instinct was to slam the door shut, lock it, run, hide, and pray he’d go away.
Nick must have sensed what Summer was thinking, her reaction to him was frightening to say the least. He couldn’t believe how her facial features transformed from one of annoyance to fear within milliseconds. Quickly, he wedged his foot in the doorway and with one strong arm pushed the door open before she could shut it.
With all her might she tried to close the door. But her body and the little life in her womb betrayed her. Her arms suddenly had no strength as she pushed against the door that wouldn’t budge. A sudden sharp kick to the ribs left Summer gasping for air, and releasing her hold on the door sending her awkwardly stumbling backwards.
Stalking forward while simultaneously slamming the door shut with his foot, Nick couldn’t believe his eyes. He had to be seeing an illusion, a vision, or a dream. This can’t be.
Summer jumped and took a step back at the sound of the slamming door. Advancing another step towards her, he wore an incredulous expression as his eyes roamed her from head to toe. He couldn’t believe it. Summer was pregnant! Pregnant!
Retreating back another step, Summer’s mind was racing. Maybe I can make it to my bedroom if I run fast and lock the door and then he’ll leave. Right?
Nick was terrifying with his bulging eyes, flaring nostrils, and pulsating jugulars that were completely consuming him. Never before had he responded to her with such a crazed temperament.
Summer’s mouth suddenly became dry, she wanted to swallow, but could not. Wanted to say something, but no words would form in her brain to leave through her lips. Remembering she didn’t have any clothes on under her robe, self-consciously she gathered the front of the robe near her breasts with one hand.
An evil smirk marred his features. Always the modest one, I guess that changed. Little tramp went and got herself knocked up.
Again, Nick advanced to close the distance between them. As Summer lifted her right foot to take another step back, he barked, “Don’t you dare move another inch, Summer Jackson.”
Startled by his outburst, she let her head drop as the tears she fought to keep sealed behind lids fell one by one.
“I see you’ve been busy, Miss Jackson.”
Nick’s tone was cold and sarcastic as he closed the distance between them. He didn’t care she was crying. He did care however, she’d met someone and gotten pregnant while he could not even look at another woman, let alone bed one.
He continued his insult through clenched teeth. “Didn’t take you long to let some punk crawl between your legs.”

Is Nick's reaction justified? Tell me what you think?


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