Apr 24, 2008

I must admit that this election campaign has been one of extreme highs and extreme lows for me. One of the readers in the last post said that we shouldn't take this thing so personal, but I have to admit that I am guilty of that especially since I am a volunteer and financial supporter of Sen. Obama's campaign (you see I put my money where my mouth is). I agree with her to some extent. I refuse to let John McCain become the President in the Fall so if that means I have to hold my nose and punch the ballot for Hillary than so be it. But I also agree with another reader who said that the reason we take it personal is because it is personal. The political process have some affect on all of us whether directly or indirectly. So you should take it personal. But let's be real, it's hard not to take this thing personal especially when the media and spin masters try to render you stupid. Since Obama's lost in Pennsylvania, the MSM has done nothing but tout Clinton's talking points.

They are questioning his electability nevermind the fact that he has won twice as many states as Sen. Clinton and leads in the delegate count. Never once have they questioned Clinton's electability. She was a double digit front runner for over a year and my guy has been the front runner for only a few months, but no one has questioned th fact that she couldn't seal the deal. How is it that she was leading in all states before Iowa, but now she is in the fight for her life. Maybe there is something wrong with her electability. She is losing on all fronts (but you can't tell her that), but yet she is still telling people that he can't win. Obviously he can win since he is beating you. Oh, but it doesn't stop there.

Now she is doing the unthinkable. She actually have the gall and audacity to report that she has won more in the popular vote than Sen. Obama. Now I must admit that it takes a lot to render me speechless, but this id definitely one of those times your girl was silent with disbelief. Now I know you are wondering, in the words of TheDiva, "How in the Sea Otter Hell?" is something like that possible. Well this is how it is possible. They are including in their calculations the fact that Hillary "won" Florida (a state which none of the candidates campaign in) and Michigan (a state where Obama's name wasn't even on the ballot). Now trust me, I'm not one of those whiny Democrats, but I just can't get over the audacity of some people to actual think we are that stupid to buy into this bull. They want us to believe that the only states that matter are the big states i.e. California, New York, Texas, and Pa whereas the smaller states Wisconsin, Missouri, Minnesota, and all the other countless states Obama has won doesn't matter. They also want us to buy into the fact that if Obama was such a hot candidate he would be able to shut Clinton out. Now a comment like that is laughable because it does a disservice to Sen. Clinton and her candidacy.

You may not like Sen. Clinton, but you have to admit she is a formidable candidate. To say just because Obama is winning he should be able to close her out, doesn't take into account the simple fact that this lady is a machine and she ain't some new chick on the block. Hillary Clinton has spent the vast majority of her adult life involved in politics in some shape, form, or fashion. She knows how to play this "game" better than any. So no, Obama is not just going to be able to shut her out. This is going to be a bitter fight to the end, but in the end Sen. Obama will be a much stronger candidate because of Sen. Clinton. It's best that all his dirt come out in the primary season than in the general election. So in that respect I want to tell Sen. Clinton thank you. Thank you for making my candidate a stronger candidate. You may try to fool me with your spinning, but in the end my man is still winning.


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