Apr 22, 2008

Black Love is a strong love...a solid love...an unmovable love. When I think of black love, I think of freedom. The freedom that allows us to love unconditionally. It's a love that is sensual, passionate, all consuming, never assuming, repentant, and redemptive. Black Love is the joy you feel when you snuggle a newborn babe for the first time and inhale its sweet innocence. It's the kind of love that transforms a shy, timid woman into a fierce lioness when there is an inkling of a threat to her cub. It's this same love that raises up the warrior in every man to protect and defend his most prized possessions...his woman and children.Black Love is never being able to get enough of the one you love. It's that tingle, that shiver you get when your love kisses that secret spot that drives you insane. It's the pulsating rhythm in your hidden treasure every time he gives you that lingering seductive gaze letting you know you're his entire universe.Noir Amour is you... Noir Amour is Me

What is your Noir Amour?


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