Apr 22, 2008

Robin Roberts, brave and beautiful, remove her wig yesterday on "Good Morning America." Roberts, who was diagnosed with breast cancer a while back, hair has begun to grow back since she finished with chemotherapy and radiation back in January. She explained why she decided to wear a wig:

"For the past six months you've turned on your TV in the morning and have seen me wearing a wig," Roberts said, flanked by Diane Sawyer, Sam Champion and Chris Cuomo.

"I never wanted my appearance to distract from my job of bringing you the news of the day," she said.

"But I knew when my chemo treatments ended in January, my hair would slowly start to grow back.

"I've taken my cue from people here and from viewers, especially [cancer] survivors . . . who said, 'When it's time to literally flip your wig, you'll know,' " Roberts said. "I am not my hair," she said, quoting from the song by India.Arie. "I am the soul that lies within and that's it - no more wig. That's it." Roberts will auction her wig to raise money for a charity that helps "those who don't have insurance and can't afford this." (Source)


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