Apr 21, 2008

Chantel S. wrote:

Q. What's up ThePlayer? I have really enjoyed reading ThePlayer's Corner. I have a little question for you and I was hoping you can provide me with an honest answer. I was wondering why so many men are complaining about women only wanting them for their money? They say they are so sick of the gold diggers, but yet it is them that is constantly throwing their money in the faces of these women. They are constantly talking about their money. They are very flashy and let's not forget how a lot of them try to "make it rain" in the club. The first impression they give to a lot of women is something dealing with their money. Maybe this is insecurity on their part because they feel that if the woman knew the real them she wouldn't like them. I'm just sick and tired of men playing the victim in this whole gold digging thing. A woman can't dig your gold unles you first gave her permission to pick up the shovel.

Chantel S.

A. Chantel, look, you’ve basically answered your own question. See, for some odd reason, men are having a hard time understanding that sistas these days have and own their own stuff. A lot of (self-governing)sistas find that a brother throwing the loot around is a big turn off (believe it or not). A man throwing his money around is a sign of an insecure man. A lot of brothers don't understand this, but a lot of women aren't making it easy for them to understand it. You see you have your typical gold diggers that make it hard for the average woman to be seen as anything more. These women lurk around the clubs, NBA games, NFL games, etc. just hoping to come up on some money. In my experiences, gold diggers are women who are solely dependent on a man (or in some instances men). Everything they own is something that was given to them by a man.

Now, let's not act as though women don't shy away from broke Negroes. Trust me, I’m not knocking the bruthas that’s not economically well off, but it's just a fact that most women want an established man. Now, me personally, I want an established woman. See, if you can’t pay your own bills, buy your own drink in the club, or do for yourself then I can't holler at you. ThePlayer likes assets and not liabilities. So, Chantel, I do feel your concerns. Brothers need to learn how to make passionate love to the minds of our beautiful black women instead of making it rain in the club. PERIOD.


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