Apr 23, 2008

Courtney writes,

Q. I was very interested in your column on The Savvy Sista's website. I just had an idea of a question to throw out there to you that you could answer or maybe post and see what others think. My girlfriends and I talk about it a lot and we would like to get a mature male's opinion as well as other women. Okay, enough background, here it goes: In a relationship what is more important happiness or security? I know they are supposed to go hand in hand but I believe that you must have one before you reach the other. I recently had a debate in one of my classes in which this was the topic. Based on the response of the class and who supported their topic better that was how we determined the "winner" for lack of a better word. In that class I supported security and my opponent, which by the way was a man, supported happiness. The result was undetermined. Can you believe that the class could not decide? So that's why I'm posing this question to you and your readers. Please keep it real because this is a very serious topic and I'm not only talking about financial security but emotional and physical security as well. Well, I think I have given you more than enough to think about so just let me know what you think.

A. Wow!!! Courtney, This one is deep. Ladies, I’m going to let you handle this one. Now, from a man’s point of view I would probably say happiness.

So ladies I want to know what you think on this topic? Holla at ya boy and let me know the real deal from a female's prespective. What's more important in a relationship Happiness or Security?

The Player


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