Apr 28, 2008

This morning I had a co-worker (female) who confronted me with a very interesting dilemma. She has been dating a young man faithfully for about seven months now. She says, she’s very happy with this man to the point that she thinks she’s in love with him. The time they spend together is overwhelming. They’re constantly out of town on trips, he spends night after night at her home, and she has even met his mother (which says a lot to me). Not to mention, she says that the sex is off the Richter Scale. So, to her this is something that is very special; however, there’s one small problem. He’s in a relationship with another woman (yeah you read right). If she questions him about the other relationship, his reply is always the same: “Why are you so worried about her when you have all my undivided attention?” She says that he told her he needs a little time to sort things out with this other woman. Somehow, she does believe he is telling the truth since the majority of his time is spent with her.

Ladies, please be straight and or honest with ThePlayer. If you found yourself in her shoes, how would you handle this situation? Would there be an ultimatum put into place? If so, what would it be? Or, would you just go along with the flow, and see how or where this thing leads? After all, you’re getting all the TLC, and reaping the benefits of being the girlfriend. I will come back and give my personal opinion on what this brother might be thinking, but right now I want to hear from the ladies about this situation. Talk to me ladies.

The Player


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