May 21, 2008

I have read the recent stories that Shania Twain's 14-year marriage might be over because of alleged infidelities on her husband's part, possibly with his assistant.

I attended a relationship seminar years ago where the love doctor told the group that there are negotiable and non-negotiable relationship issues, and that infidelity is negotiable. That men are not monogamous by nature, and that some women are the same way. She said that most couples who have been together for twenty-plus years have experienced it, learned from it, and found a way to forgive and stay together. I suppose Hillary Clinton would be one well-known example. The love doctor suggested that the main non-negotiable issues relate to situations involving violence, abuse of any kind, or financial improprieties.

Is monogamy natural? Have you ever stayed with someone who fooled around on you? To all the wives, would you head straight to divorce court if your husband broke his vows and cheated, or try to get counseling and work it out? Inquiring minds wanna know?


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