May 20, 2008

Some even accuse Mr. Obama of chauvinism, pointing to the time he called Mrs. Clinton “likeable enough” as evidence of dismissiveness. Nancy Wait, 55, a social worker in Columbia City, Ind., said Mr. Obama was far less qualified than Mrs. Clinton and described as condescending his recent assurances that Mrs. Clinton should stay in the race as long as she liked. Ms. Wait said she would “absolutely, positively not” vote for him come fall.

Ms. Ferraro, who clashed with the Obama campaign about whether she made a racially offensive remark, said she might not either. “I think Obama was terribly sexist,” she said. (Source)

So not only is Obama the "affirmative action candidate", but now he is a sexist also. So you are telling me the only reason people are not voting for Hillary is because she is a female. No one can deny Sen. Clinton is a formidable candidate who is worthy of respect and admiration, but I can't recall one time where gender was as dominate an issue as race. If Hillary really wanted to up the ante on the inequalities of gender in this country maybe she should have done a speech like Sen. Obama did on race. Maybe then there will be some real discussion going on about gender in this country and how women doing the same job as men receive only a precentage of a dollar as their male counterpart (and don't even get me started on how unfair black women are treated).

People will look for any reason to point out why their candidate is not winning. Maybe Clinton is not winning because she represents old-style politics and people are looking for something different. Maybe people are sick of this Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton dynasty thing we have going on in this country. There are a lot of reasons people are not voting for Sen. Clinton just as there are a lot of reasons why people are not voting for Sen. Obama. So to all those Clinton supporters that are saying that they are being told to sit at the back of the bus because their candidate isn't winning, how do you think Obama's supporters would feel if he is denied the nomination. He is winning on all fronts, but yet we as his supporters, should be relegated to the back of the bus because your candidate is entitled to the nomination. I don't think so.

People like Geraldine Ferraro needs to understand that sexism goes both ways. You can't just label a man sexist because he is a man. She called Sen. Obama a sexist and she had absolutely nothing to back up her claim. She called Obama a sexist, a man who has said on many occasions that the only person he would never want to run against is his wife. The same man that speaks on how he was raised by a single parent who happened to be his mother. Give me a break.

Now if she doesn't wants to support the senator from Illinois she is well within her right, but she is going to have to come up with something a little better than the fact that he is a sexist.


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