May 31, 2008

We make decisions every day – should we splash real milk in our coffee? Or for health’s sake suffer through the fat-free substitute that tastes like liquid chalk? Should we ride Metrobus or drive to avoid the intersection that draws a gang of loud and unruly passengers? I guess it depends on the day, because when you’re hot (or cold) and late for work, you don’t want to share seats with a woman whose megaphone voice describes in detail the beat-down she’ll give her supervisor - today. You want to keep far away from the disheveled and clearly disturbed man dragging a red, hazardous waste garbage bag and begging everyone to “gimme a dollar.” All jokes (and the Georgia Avenue bus) aside, these are small-fry decisions.

How about the big-fish decisions - those choices based on either fear or faith. According to one spiritual leader, everything we do is based on one or the other. I’m not referring to the folks who confuse faith with an unwillingness to accept reality. The special people who believe that if they drive out of the dealership with that Mercedes, the money will come. Not because they have a job, are looking for a job, or even want a job. They’re quick to pull out the Biblical “lilies of the field,” forgetting that God helps those who help themselves. Or that manna from heaven is a joint effort. And let’s not forget the well-meaning friends and family whose decisions, no matter how misguided, are all done in the name of love.
In From Dusk to Dawn, Ayo had a life-changing decision to make. I wish I could have offered her this advice. Take the gut-check test; the one that whispers “you know you wrong (or right).” If your stomach churns or clenches, don’t do it. If that warm and hopeful feeling is bolstered by rational thinking and good sense, then go for it. Keep on going - “see what the end will be.”

Speaking of the end, today marks my last post for the Savvy Sista's blog. I've enjoyed it so much! Thanks to the Sistas for inviting me, and thanks to all of you who read my posts and shared your thoughts.


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