May 19, 2008

Dear ThePlayer:

Q. Can you ask some of your married friends what qualities their wives possessed that let them know that she was the one for them? I think something like this will shed a light on what men are looking for in a mate. And please asked them to be truthful. We want the real deal.

- Sweet Lady

A. Sweet Lady,

Believe it or not, it’s not about her being able to jump off dressers and swinging on ceiling fans...Lol. Generally, guys will tell you that my wife has to be first and foremost beautiful. Some men like want to have a woman they can look at day in and day out and say DAMN, DAMN, DAMN . However, the fact of the matter is beauty ban be misleading when choosing a mate. An ideal wife is a soul mate, someone you share the most cherished moments in your life. A wife is also someone who stands by you in the good times and the bad times. A wife has your back when all else fails. A great wife also gives you the courage to be successful, grace to be proud and love to live a fulfilling life. In short, a wife is your best friend, soul mate, buddy, guide, mentor, follower, prayer partner, lover, cheerleader and the source of peace, happiness, health, wealth and prosperity. See, ThePlayer doesn’t have to get with the married men to tell you the true qualities of a wife. We as men, married or not, know (or ought to know) and understand the qualities that we are either looking for or have in a woman.


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  1. Player you are on point with the comment you made! It is not about a woman jumping off of a dressers and swinging from the celining fan or sliding down the pole in the bedroom althought it would add alittle spice in the bedroom. If you want her to be your soul mate. Someone you can connect with and share your life with. Men usually say the want a woman that pose the same chacteristics as their mom so, if you look up to your mom or if you are proud of your mom..........look for someone like her.