May 28, 2008

Dear Readers,

Some of the fellas and I had a very interesting conversation on yesterday concerning men and woman going out on dates. As we began to talk, one of the topic of discussions was who should pick up the tab on a date. To make a long story short, here’s the question: Do you think the man should pick up the tab no matter what? If not, in what situation would you pick up the tab? The feeling amongst the fellas is that if a young lady asks to take you out for a meal she should be willing to pay for the meal. Do you (ladies) agree with this scenario? Why or why not? Ladies please be sincere in your answers...

The Player


  1. Hard question...

    I think if its a first date... the man should automatically pay... if after that you are the one intiatiting the dates... then you should be prepared to pay... but a true gentleman would take care of the tab... after the 3rd date I think its ok to take the tab

  2. If it is the first couple of dates,(two or three) the man should pick up the tab. Why? You are showing that woman that you are a true/can be a gentleman. Now after that, she should be willing to pick up the tab (SOMETIMES). Its only FAIR. If she act as if she do not want to pick up the tab, ask her to do so just stop taking her out. Take her to your home, light some candles, dim the lights with some soft jazz music and suprise her with a BIG POT of CHEESY Spaghetti (lol)!!

  3. I'm from the old school. In my day, the man was 'sposed'to pay for everything. The down side was that some thought they had 'bought' something else. Although I've done it a couple of times in these 'enlightened' days, I felt awkward paying for meals, drinks, etc. with a man standing by. Will he feel demeaned? Will he think he's found a 'purse?' I find it more comfortable to invite him to a concert, etc where I've purchased the tickets beforehand.