May 16, 2008

This is the ignorance that Barack Obama faces in this country. If you think racism is dead in this country then you are fooling yourself. These are the people Hillary Clinton was referring to when she said "...hard working Americans, white Americans will never vote for Barack Obama." If you have made any calls or went canvassing for the senator then you know exactly what I am talking about. We still have a lot to overcome, but in the end Yes We Can!!!


  1. the ingnorance here is YOU. do you not have a proof reader. horrible grammer throughout, headlines that make no sense. YOU are ignorant, sista.

  2. I believe the word is "grammar". Also, it is too bad we don't have spell check in the comments section. I think punctuation check would be a good idea as well.

    As far as the content of the post, I think that it is sad that we still have such a level of unyielding ignorance in this country, but I'm willing to bet that many people interviewed have not been outside of their city, or their county, at best.

    The key to ending racism and ignorance is exposure to different cultures - first-hand experience. It is not enough to go by what one sees in the media; as we are all aware, the media is biased. If an individual has never been exposed to another culture in a positive environment, then we cannot expect their negative viewpoints of that culture to change.