May 19, 2008

Joshua Packwood represents a first at historically black college, Morehouse College. Packwood will be the first white valedictorian in Morehouse's 141 year history.

Packwood, a Rhodes Scholar finalist, turned down a full scholarship to Columbia University (against the advice of his family) to attend Morehouse.

Packwood fit in immediately at Morehouse. His charm, movie-star good looks and chiseled physique made him popular among students. He was elected dorm president and to class council during freshmen year - and was a favorite at campus fashion shows.

His experience was so positive that Packwood's younger brother, John, will follow in his footsteps when he enrolls as a freshman at the college next year.

Morehouse, in Atlanta, Georgia, is one the nation's most prestigious universities of its kind. For more than a century, the school has prided itself on personifying the dream of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., one of the school's most notable alums, by producing "Morehouse Men" - intelligent and successful black leaders. (Source)

I, for one, do not have a problem with this young man being the valedictorian of Morehouse. I know there are some people that do have a problem with this situation, but I am not one of those people. I feel that if the guy earned the honor then he should be bestowed with the distinction of being identified as the valedictorian. You can't take his accomplishments away from him because of the color of his skin.

So I want to know how do you feel about Morehouse having a white valedictorian? Do you think focusing on Packwood's race is a double standard in racism? What Say Thee...


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