Jun 30, 2008

Is it better to have a piece of a man than no man at all? This is a debate that my girlfriends and I have been having for quite some time now. Some women will knowingly get involve with a man even if they know he is involved with other women. As long as he is fulfilling their needs, they really don’t care what he does or who it does it with as long as it doesn’t interfere with their time. Most of these women are independent and career oriented women. They have every desire to be married one day, but have yet to meet their Prince Charming. So in the process of waiting for Mr. Right to show up they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands. They’ve decided that if they can’t have a man then a piece of a man will do for the time being. Some refer to this man as a Cut Buddy, a Friend with Benefits and whatever else names you may have heard in a rap video. These women seem to have it all under control, but are they fooling themselves? Are they short changing themselves by getting involved with these men? Or are they just behaving like men and trying to have their cake and eat it too? I mean isn’t that the point of cake: to eat it...LOL?

So, you know I have to ask. Is it better to have a piece of a man than no man at all? Let’s be honest ladies and have a little Girl Talk.


  1. Hello!
    No, it's not okay.... This is not what God intended. I'm selfish, if I can't have all of you I don't want none of you. Period, point, blank, dot! I go do some ab workouts or to the movies alone or with friends when hormones go raging out of control! How would you feel to be in the other woman's shoes....it's not pretty. The grass is not greener on the other side and I'm a witness to if he does it with you, he'll do it to you.

  2. At times I think yes... we all have our needs... but under no circumstances do I feel that part of a man should be because he is involved with someone else..

    now if you want a cut buddy then have a single cut buddy... someone who gives you what you need from him and he gets what he needs from you but he doesnt have any other attachments... girlfriend, wife, boyfriend...hey nowadays you never know...

  3. I think women are always trying to say, i can act like a man and think like a man, but the fact of the matter is...women are not men!

    We tend to get more emotionally involved in the situations than men do, and if even some can just have friends with "benefits" they know deep down inside, they want more.

    But let me ask this question, if so many women are ok with just being "side chick" or the friend with "benefits" why is that its those women that are always in other females faces?

  4. I guess at times maybe...we all have our needs, but women, no matter how hard we try, can't seem to detach our emotions from sex. And that's not a bad thing sex was meant to be shared between 2 people that love each...crazy I know! If the man is in a relationship...no way! If he's not happy then he should be honest and stop going outside of his relationship...being the "other woman" is no fun. We need to come together as women and refuse to give ourselves to a man who we know is involved with another woman.Not to mention the fear of Karma...so if you are sleeping with another woman's man, don't be too shocked when it someday happens to you.

  5. I have been the side chick and had dude on the side, both at the same time. It worked out wonderfully well for me. I know it may not seem right to some but it was ALL right at the time. I was young(er) and the idea of marriage never entered my mind. At this stage of the game I would not be entertained a guy that has a significant other. Now, as for the piece of a man, I will definitely take that piece. Why? Because.
    Does that mean I have lost focus and no longer want the whole kit and caboodle? No. I definitely want it all: the FABULOUS husband, the FABULOUS children, the FABULOUS life.
    The only time I feel as if I am being short-changed is when that "piece" of a man is dissatisfying and leaves me wishing I’d had a V8.