Jun 18, 2008

Ok, ladies I got a good one for you today. Why is it that we say we want a good man, but we always go for the bad boy? What is it about the bad boy that we just can't seem to get past? I meet some of the nicest, sugary send you into diabetic shock sweet men, but I don't want them. No! I don't want the man that will put me on a pedestal and treat me like a queen. I want the man who is a music producer in New York who is just not available to me. You know the man that makes all the promises, but don't follow through on any of them. The same man that drops in and out of your life as though time supposed to stand still while you wait on him. Yeah, that man. That's the one I want and have wanted for some time now. What in the world is wrong with me? I know why I am stuck on Mr. New York, but Lord knows I am trying to get over this man. So ladies do you have any advice or similiar stories you would like to share? I know I'm not the only one that has gone through this. Let's have some Girl Talk.


  1. bad boys are intriguing.....there's no telling what they will do next and we like that spontaneity (if that's a word). Good guys on the other hand can be very p redictable. But I married a good guy........Thank you JESUS.

  2. I had to dig deep on this one. I am a serial "bad boy" lover. I can't think of one good guy that I dated or was attracted to. It is actually quite pathetic because what I attract says a lot about me.
    On the surface, bad boys tend to be better in bed. They can make a woman feel so...for decency's sake I will simply say so damn good.
    Have you ever noticed bad boys ALWAYS have a crew of guys they hang with? Bad boys tend to have this thing about them that make people want to be around them. I wish I could call that thing by name but I can not.
    I think women are insanely attracted to "bad boys" because of what it says about them. Bad boys tend to have or have had several women. They are not always the most attractive, the best-dressed, the nicest or wealthiest, but they ALWAYS have their pick of women. The idea that you can get a bad boy to settle down and leave behind all those other women, it somewhat makes a women feel better about herself. She may feel like, "He could have had Mary, Jane and Sue, but instead he chose me because I am the SH!T." The idea of converting a bad boy into a committed man is the ultimate ego trip.

  3. To simply put it...when you get tired of how you feel when he always lets you down, you'll get over him. You obviously know whats going on but, like many women you are holding on to the hope that maybe one day he will come around.

    I know exactly how you feel, i was in love with this guy i met while attending school in Atlanta,we dated off and on, but then i moved back to San Francisco, however i still called him and emailed in hopes that things could workout with us.

    He was so handsome, Morehouse Grad ,an Investor Banker, nice car, and was about to buy his first house..he was it!

    This past March i went to Atlanta to visit some old girlfriends of mine and yes him, and that when i realized it...HE WAS NEVER GOING TO CHANGE! He just didn't care about me as much as i cared about him.

    So when i got back to san francisco i cut ties with him, it was hard but worth it! I just got tired of giving and never getting back.

    these guys aren't "Bad" they just don't know what they want.

    You will workout...= )
    stay blessed.