Jun 25, 2008

Why is it that women have so little respect for each other? I was at my class reunion and one of my former classmates walked in. The girl had it going on, but you would have never known based on the way all the other females were talking about her. They talked about what she had on, the fact that she was or use to be a stripper, her being a video vixen and anything else they could come up with. I don’t know what it was about homegirl, but she obviously intimidated a lot of people. I, personally, just thought the she looked good and looked as though she had done well for herself. I mean, I really don’t care or concern myself with what she does in her life. That is her business and the choices she has made for herself. It is not for me to judge her on any level, but obviously I was the only one that felt that way. I just can’t understand why women are each others own worse enemy. We tear each other down more than any man could possibly ever do. Is it because we are so insecure with ourselves or is it because we were taught not to trust other women? I mean seriously. Does a woman go after another woman’s husband simply because she has no respect for the wife because she is a woman? I mean what reason would a woman have to intentionally go after a married man? Yeah we can blame the husband, but that’s not what I’m talking about right now. I want to focus on women and our responsibility to other women. Why is it that we hate each other so much?

Why are women so distrusting of other women? Do you think there’s a way for women to ever truly come together and really support each other? Come on ladies. It’s time to have some Girl Talk.


  1. I think some women do have a level of insecurity which leads one to make negative comments about other women. I'm in agreement with you that every woman is responsible for her own decisions and the outcome of those decisions, so we need not stand in judgement.

    I'm guilty of having passed judgement, but now when I do that, I stop midsentence and think about it as if it were me. My path is my path, and the decisions I made to get me there are mine and mine alone. I make decisions based on a number of things, and not one of those things has anything to do with how it might appear to others.

    When I was single I wouldn't intentionally deal with a married man. I'm married now, and the thought of another woman going after him knowing he's married is disturbing. But I can't watse time on worrying about it.

  2. Dear Saavy,

    I think the problem with women and people in general is very deep rooted. It's very generational; but essentially, these types of behaviors have a lot to do with what one feels inside; that is to say, how we feel about outselves.

    I betcha one thing, if those girls at your reunion took deep look within themselves and then started cleaning up their own mess, they would begin to see life not off focus, but in FOCUS.