Jul 17, 2008

Now, although it is my anniversary today. I thought I would share some very exciting and interesting news with you ladies. It turns out that the very sexy and did I mention deliciously fine brother, Ryan Gentles, is paying a visit to Hotlanta. Now that's good, but that's not the best part. This brother, whom you may have seen in Jennifer Hudson's new video "Spotlight", is also a certified masseuse. Yeah, you heard me right. The brother does massages! Fine and can rub you the right way. Lord, take me higher (shout out to B. Scott). I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to. I remember Ryan giving out massages at the Essence Music Festival in 2000. The brother definitely have skills.

Well, anyway, the reason I am telling you about this is that he is taking appointments for massages while he is in the A-town (Lord knows I need to get my butt back down south). He will be there from August 16 - 24. I suggest you let this brother take some of that stress out cause heaven knows if I was still living in Atlanta I definitely would (I may just fly down for this...LOL!!!).

If you are interested in a massage please feel free to email Ryan at rgryangentles08@gmail.com or contact him through his myspace page. Oh, and please mention you heard about this at The Savvy Sista when you contact him.

Don't say I ain't never hooked you guys up before!!!


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